TerraPods - Creative Ecology Guild

TerraPods is a hub for creative ecology, interconnecting agroecology, bio-material design, and the arts in a biodiverse food forest, medicinal and dye gardens. TerraPods fosters STEAM-led interdisciplinary collaboration to address environmental challenges. The facility includes an eco-design makerspace, 4 residency units, exhibition space, lab kitchens, and an EcoSouk marketplace, stocking the shelves of self-sufficiency.


Rooted in the village of Baskinta, Lebanon, TerraPods grows heirloom seed varieties, hosts residencies with workshops, training, and exhibits, and incubates local eco-design product alternatives to single-use plastic.


- Model a circular economy and demonstrate hands-on regenerative practices.

- Experiment with bio-grown materials enhanced with training to nurture craft and self-sufficiency.

- Increase the availability of locally produced alternatives supporting local livelihoods and heritage traditions.

Required Funds - 150,000$

0$ out of 150,000$

TerraPods,Bee the Change





- Agroecological farm materials and supplies
- Agroecology workers, trainers and workshops
- Establish bee hives

- Build animal shelters

- Livestock of sheep, goats, chickens

- Animal feed


Your contribution of $250 adopts livestock, naming our sheep, goats, chickens, or beehives, and creates seasonal jobs for local farmers.

We’ll build a shelter for our animals under a native tree planted in your name










Total Budget, $5,000



TerraPods, Essentials Foundations  





- Equip the makerspace, community kitchen, and residency units with equipment, tools, and materials.

- Offer fellowships & scholarships for youth creative residency

- Host annual exhibits, installations, performances, & supper clubs

- Serve farm-grown meals & CSA harvest basket memberships to the community


Your donation of $500 directly contributes to the exchange and experimentation of materials and design innovation.


We’ll host annual exhibits to celebrate the creative ecology thanks to your commitment and grow a native tree planted in your name.






Total Budget $45,000 


TerraPods, Grow-Create-Market!


Stock the Shelves of Self-Sustainability



- Expand the EcoSouk concept store at Terrapods with farm-grown bulk, refillable, package-free products

- We’ll design in-house product lines in food, apothecary, lifestyle, and bio-packaging to sell at EcoSouk 

- R&D in bio-grown alternatives with mushroom, seaweed & vegetable waste.


With each $1,000 contribution, you’ll power a circular economy and create jobs for local artists, farmers, food producers, bio-engineers & makers

while increasing the community’s access to alternatives and restoring our ecology.


We’ll open the EcoSouk at TerraPods, design reusable parcel packaging with a featured announcement in your name, and grow a native tree planted in your name.


Total Budget $20,000


Involved NGOs

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