Social Circus

The Social Circus focuses on the development of individuals and communities, prioritizing their growth over the pursuit of professional circus artistry. It positions art and culture as potent agents for change


It enhances the psychosocial well-being of disadvantaged children and youth.

The Objectives include establishing a social circus structure to foster mental well-being, providing psychosocial support

(art therapy, yoga, life coaching, theatre) for child protection, and enhancing youth's life skills

Required Funds

Mobile Social Circus Structure

Required Funds $55,000.00

- Construction of the mobile social circus structure

- Equipment of the mobile social circus


Mobile Social Circus Structure Wellbeing Activities

Required Funds $60,000.00

- Training of Trainers to Social Workers and Field officers

- Mental health and wellbeing training for youth and children

- Life skills workshops

- Art therapy sessions


Involved NGOs

D4C Mentoring young professionals   project development   project implementation  community center's  NGO beirut lebanon
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