SARWA – Social & Educational Farm by Bassma

BASSMA is addressing vulnerable Lebanese families' needs through SARWA, a social and humanitarian initiative focusing on rural development, agriculture, capacity building, job creation, sustainability, food security, education, eco-tourism, and food heritage.

Initiated in 2020, the project involves establishing an educational and social farm that engages in agriculture and agrifood activities, including an educational kitchen and a hen house, focusing on local product production.

All produced products are natural and organic and designed to prioritize families' health.

BASSMA is implementing the SARWA agricultural and agrifood project to provide food security to thousands of Lebanese families living in poverty in the rural Bekaa region. The project aims to cook 1,000 cooked meals daily and distribute them to Lebanese families in Zahlé, Taalabaya and Taanayel.

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- Food Security for Lebanese families

- Education and vocational training

- Empowerment of Rural Youths and Women

- Job creation and Social Reintegration

- Revival of the Farmers’ Market

- Revitalization of the local economy health

- Development of rural tourism

- Back to basics

Required Funds - 86,980$

0$ out of 86,980$

“SARWA” by Bassma, a Social & Educational Farm  

Full project description & budget

- Agriculture project: 35,500 USD


- Hen House: 9,000 USD


- Community Kitchen: 38,480 USD


- Solar Panels – Green farm (45 kwp): 40,000 USD


BASSMA's community kitchen aims to prepare 1,000 cooked meals daily

Community kitchen budget,

32,480 USD/ year


- Project Manager: 6,000 USD/year

- 1 Cook: 3,000 USD/ year
- 2 Helper/waiter: 3,000 USD/ year
- 1 driver & fuel: 2,280 USD/ year 

- 1 Cleaner: 1,200 USD per year

- Food items: 6,000 USD/year 


SARWA's Agriculture project for,

food self-sufficiency 

Agriculture project budget: 35,500 US


- Fruit trees and raise

- Beds: 20,000 USD
- Storage room for equipment,

4,500 USD
- Agriculture Engineer: 4,000 USD/ year
- Main Worker: 2,000 USD/year
- Other workers: 3,000 USD/year
- Pesticides, vitamins, and other products: 2,000 USD/ year


SARWA, the  green farm with it's 

Solar system (45kwp)

Solar Panels budget:: 10,000 USD


- Central Kitchen equipment: lighting, fridges, ovens, water heater, pump for the water,  pressure, etc.

- Hen, house heating system, water filter system, etc

- Entrance gate 

- Irrigation system for the agriculture

- Water pumps 


SARWA Hen House

to produce fresh eggs & organic chicken 

Hen House Budget: 9,000 USD


- Concrete equipped room: 4,500 USD

- Fence: 700 USD

- 70 Chicken: 700 USD

- Chicken Food: 1,200 USD/ year

- Vet check-up fees: 1,200 USD/ year

- Farmer: 700 USD/ year


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Feeding, Educating and Empowering destitute Lebanese families since 2002 to break the vicious cycle of poverty and help them reach financial and social autonomy