BASSMA is a Lebanese NGO established in 2002 by a group of volunteers, whose mission is to empower destitute families and help them reach self-sufficiency, without any political or religious discrimination, through different programs.


Design a tailor-made Empowerment Program for each family focusing on Food Security, Education, Mental Health, Housing, Employment Services, with objectives on the mid/long run, to leverage their capabilities and help them gain their financial and social autonomy


- 500,000 food & Hygiene packs 

- 1,000 students in educational & self-development programs

- 1,000 adults' medical support & Insurance

- 500 homes renovated & refurbished

BASSMA in numbers

BASSMA in numbers

- 600,000 beneficiaries

- 20 years of Feeding, Educating & Empowering Families

- 360° Comprehensive Family Approach

- Presence in 47 regions all over Lebanon


BASSMA’s Art Therapy Program for children and youths

Bassma's Art Therapy program is a specialized multidisciplinary therapeutic program that targets destitute children and youths, traumatized by the drastic socio-economic situation and by the Beirut blast. The program is an interactive workshop organized by Bassma with high-level local therapists, focusing on drawing, painting, music, singing, theatre, body language, and dance.

It will contribute to the improvement of the mental health of children and young people in a situation of great vulnerability, strengthen their resilience, relieve their suffering, and improve their psychosocial well-being.

Therefore, children and young people will be able to express all the negative emotions they hide and gain feelings of well-being and satisfaction while increasing their socialization and communication skills, which promote family integration, positive contact with others, and creating healthy circles of friends.

BASSMA’s Home renovations

Destitute families and abandoned elderlies live in rundown houses, at the mercy of the rain, wind and storms. The bad conditions affect particularly their health whereas they suffer continuously from cold and pneumonia, etc...

BASSMA works throughout the year to renovate and refurbish the rundown homes of underprivileged families and elderly people, making sure that they become healthy places to live in. 

The Home Renovation program is an important component of BASSMA's family rehabilitation program, since it guarantees security and safety for a stable family life.

After the Beirut Blast, Bassma has rebuilt, renovated and refurbished 500 homes, including 11 buildings.

BASSMA’s Employment Office

BASSMA’s main objective is to help families become self-sufficient and achieve financial and social autonomy.

Therefore, BASSMA’s employment office facilitates contact between employers and job seekers, while actively searching for work opportunities.

BASSMA helps family members seeking a job with the drafting of their CV, preparing for interviews, organizing job seminars, transportation, etc.


Moreover, BASSMA provides regular workshops and professional training for disadvantaged people in order to sharpen their knowledge and skills, and integrate them into the job market.

We focus on training women who lack professional qualifications so they can become productive by working at home without having to leave their children.

Smiles Restos

The "Smiles Restaurant" is a project launched by BASSMA in Sin El Fil in March 2004, aiming at providing daily cooked meals to destitute families and elderlies, in the most unfortunate areas.

Currently, we are offering 100,000 cooked meals per year through our Smile Restaurant in Ain El Remmaneh and through two centers in Bourj Hammoud.

In addition to the hot meals, we offer bread, fruits, vegetables, drinkable water and monthly food and hygiene packs.

We have also launched the Lunch Delivery Program in 2010 that serves cooked meals, bread, fruits, vegetables and drinkable water to elderlies or ill people in their own homes, as they are unable to go out and seek for help.

Involved Projects

SARWA – Social & Educational Farm by Bassma

SARWA is a social and educational farm that aims to establish a socially and environmentally conscious value-chain for agriculture and farm-to-table concept

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