Mishwar Bi Baladi

The project allows students to learn from professionals about the environment and heritage of Lebanon and empowers them by improving their non-violent communication and collaboration skills and their respect of nature.


- Fight low self-esteem, lack of motivation and, loss of hope among students who live in precarious situations and who are

   affected by the economic and social crisis.

- Improve the physical and mental well-being of students by introducing them to physical and outdoor activities

- Improve the collaborative skills of students, their hope, and their sense of empowerment in their interactions with their

   peers and their environment


Required Funds - 13,800$

0$ out of 13,800$

School trips for students in nature visiting natural reserves and rural areas of Lebanon

Budget, $13,800

- 10 school trips in a school year

- 350 students participating

- Ecotourism & team building   


- Bus rental and transportation and



Involved NGOs

Mission Education MissionEducation Lebanon School Teachers
Mission Education

Funding the most vulnerable students’ tuitions is our focus. We request schools to direct the funds towards teachers’ expenses, as part of our commitment