Following the Beirut port explosion on August 4th 2020, we set our mission of raising up youth from the aftermath of the disaster through education. We brought together professionals from different sectors who are committed to preserving Lebanon’s strong history of education


We support the most financially vulnerable students by allowing them access to quality education and better well-being.

Our Objectives:

  • Help non-profit private schools stay open
  • Stop school dropout
  • Securing educators’ salaries
Raised over $70,000 USD (September 2022)

Covered the tuition of 900 students, Supported 13 schools (6 urban, 7 rural) by providing partial or full academic scholarships

We request schools to direct the funds towards teachers’

Supported 260 teachers by funding their salary and transportation



Allow children and teachers to stay in their school by financing tuition, salaries and transport


Ensuring their energy costs (solar panels or national electricity solution) through partnerships with other NGOs

Meshwar Bi Baladi

Work on the acceptance of difference, the prevention of discrimination, self-esteem and anchoring in the culture and their environment through outings in nature with specialized guides. These outings will systematically include children from different schools, regions and backgrounds.

Dream Talk with Joyce Azzam

Develop the motivation, resilience, and well-being of children through motivation, inspiration, and discussion workshops with our Ambassador, Joyce Azzam, the first Lebanese woman to have climbed the 7 highest peaks in the world

Involved Projects

Mishwar Bi Baladi

Mishwar Bi Baladi is a project that restores hope & empowers students through immersive experiences in the nature and heritage of Lebanon.

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