Community-Based Design Program

D4C mentoring program empowers young professionals to become leaders in the field of community-based and sustainable design by equipping them with skills and hands-on experience.


Overall Goal: Empower the design community to design and implement innovative and sustainable solutions that improve the living conditions and quality of life of the marginalized communities across Lebanon. 


Specific Objective: 

Impart the knowledge, methodology, and benefits of community-based projects to  youth from the design community

Empower young professionals to become leaders in the field of social design through equipping

Required Funds

Lectures and Webinars

- Partners with different Universities across Lebanon.

- Provide 20 young professionals with lectures and seminars on Community-based design, participatory community engagement,

placemaking, and environmental and sustainable design.


Hands-on Experience

 - Coaching and Mentoring through D4C ongoing projects.

- Developing community-based designs.

- Developing innovative low-tech solutions for socially conscious design that improve the quality of life

of communities and enhance the well-being of vulnerable households in a participatory approach.


Involved NGOs

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Design for Communities, D4C

D4C brings together designers and professionals from a variety of backgrounds to design, engage and build community-based projects for a sustainable future