Ahla Fawda began in 2014 with street festivals to celebrate community and small businesses while raising funds to distribute basic needs to vulnerable communities. With humanitarian efforts remaining the core of everything we do, Ahla Fawda has established a solid track record in cultural and environmental initiatives.


Ahla Fawda’s goal is to stand with those affected by hardship, providing essential support to those in need. It also aims to create and promote a healthy environment for people and cultures to thrive in.


Ahla Fawda, Environmental & Cultural Activities

Ahla Fawda actively implements environmental actions within all its initiatives, from engaging the community in beach and street cleanups, to organizing street festivals to promote local makers and businesses.

Ahla Fawda, Medical Support

Ahla Fawda is a founding member of a consolidated, independent hub with other NGOs, aimed to collectively work towards the distribution of donated medical supplies

Ahla Fawda, Social Activities and Support

Humanitarian efforts in providing food, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, and general support to individuals and families, with a focus on environmental issues and engaging in community activities.

Involved Projects


A space to promote eco-awareness by bringing environmental services and educational activities under one roof

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