Micro-business Project

Following on from past Micro-business cycles that Salam offered, we want to propose a new cycle for 10 Lebanese women, offering them specific training to open their business together with in-kind support of $1,000


- Economic empowerment of Lebanese women

- Job creation in Central Bekaa

- Support to vulnerable women

- Income generation

- New skills development

Required Funds - 13,877$

0$ out of 13,877$

Salam Micro-business Project Support

- Training sessions on how to build and run a business,

- Follow-up advice during the time of setting up of the business and in the first period of running the business

- Direct funding


Salam Micro-business Project Budget 

- 20 participants

- 12 months cycle 

- Staff: $2,820

- Support for nano business00 / participant

- Overheads: $1,057


Involved NGOs

Lebanese association for development and communication NGO Beirut Lebanon Sustain Lebanon
Salam LADC

Salam LADC supports vulnerable populations in Lebanon through Education, Livelihood and Social Stability activities.