LMT, Trail Keepers Program

This Program offers to fund one kilometer at a time to individuals or groups to maintain and protect more than 600 km of trail. Every kilometer of the LMT sponsored is equivalent to 250$


The program objectives are to:

- maintain more than 600 km of trail main LMT trail and side trails)

- supports responsible tourism

- safeguarding our mountains

- develop local economies

Required Funds - 150,000$

0$ out of 150,000$

Trail Keepers Program

$250 donation sponsored 1 Kilometer for

maintenance and development  


Involved NGOs

Lebanon Mountain Trail LMT sustain Lebanon fundraise platform beirut Hike guesthouse
Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA)

The LMT is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. Over 470 km in length, the trail connects communities together & crosses 76 villages and towns.