LMT, Accessible Nature Program

This Program aims to allow the enjoyment of trails by people with disabilities.  This includes guided assistance with adaptive equipment such as the Joelette one-wheel chair and the directional bars for visually impaired persons


The program objectives are to offer people with disabilities:

- Equipment trails, Joelette (one-wheel chair)

- Bars for visually impaired persons

- Special trail designed & equipped

Required Funds - 24,000$

0$ out of 24,000$

Develop Accessible Nature Project for visually impaired persons

- $8,000 for Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

- $8,000 for Tannourine Cedar Nature Reserve

- $8,000 for Jabal Mousa Biosphere Reserve   

- $8,000 for the Shouf Biosphere Reserve; ALREADY RAISED


Involved NGOs

Lebanon Mountain Trail LMT sustain Lebanon fundraise platform beirut Hike guesthouse
Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA)

The LMT is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. Over 470 km in length, the trail connects communities together & crosses 76 villages and towns.