ECP, The Environmental Championship Program, Abtal el Bia

The idea behind the ECP is for the kids to become passionate about the environment, to develop an emotional connection, a sense of belonging and responsibility towards one's community and surrounding environment


The program objectives for the Kids are to:

- Become passionate about the environment 

- Develop an emotional connection

- Have a sense of belonging and responsibility

- transmit their new awareness about sustainability

Required Funds - 5,000$

0$ out of 5,000$

ECP, Abtal el Bia

5-days ECP Training for 15 kids from different

social, cultural, ethnical, and religious backgrounds

across Lebanon


Involved NGOs

Lebanon Mountain Trail LMT sustain Lebanon fundraise platform beirut Hike guesthouse
Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA)

The LMT is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. Over 470 km in length, the trail connects communities together & crosses 76 villages and towns.