Agroforestry for Lebanese farmers empowerment

Creating agroforestry demo plots for farmers raises awareness of how this dynamic management system of natural resources improves soil quality, enhances biodiversity, mitigates climate change, and increases profits


- Introduce agroforestry practices into a land left barren to create a pilot site that would prove its efficiency and various benefits

- Entice neighboring farmers to adopt agroforestry technics

- Raise awareness about Agroforestry for key stakeholders

Required Funds

Introduce and raise awareness of agroforestry practices  

Required Funds:


- Prepare the land and plant a green cover, 4.100 trees, and 17.800 aromatic plants following the intercropping techniques, over a total area of 4.6 Ha

- Irrigate and maintain the trees and shrubs for three consecutive years

- Keep a detailed record of actions, costs, and revenues as a case study to be published

- Allow students to visit the site for education, awareness, training, and research

- Organize visits for the farmers from the region to show them the adopted technics and have open discussions

- Lead an awareness session on agroforestry and its benefits to the local community


Involved NGOs

agriculture lands,  sustainable reforestation and agroforestry NGO Lebanon Beirut Bekaa sustain Lebanon
Jouzour Loubnan Association

Jouzour Loubnan’s mission is to participate in the restoration of Lebanese forests and agriculture lands, and promote sustainable reforestation and agroforestry