Performing since 2019

* 23.400 Food portions

* OUNSS Center in the North

* 2 MAKTABA centers in Achrafieh

*500 school bags and masks

* 800 Christmas Gifts

* 130 All student’s books

* BOSTA & RIYADA initiatives


Eradication of poverty by means of enhancing vulnerable educational environments thus endowing students with chances for better learning.

Hunger Fighting Heroes Plan

support weekly as many needy children as possible on the Lebanese territory Every week, 170 children receive a package of food

MAKTABA is a space for academic support and leisure

Lack of electricity, heating, and internet access as well as the dire financial situation of parents has affected the ability of children to study at home in a healthy and friendly environment



We provides an accommodating space for homework support through teachers


BOSTA initiative will help our children reach their schools and access education


RIYADA initiative aims to provide children with the opportunity to engage in sports activities and interact with others

Involved Projects


Maktaba objectives are to assist with kindness Lebanese students from vulnerable home by providing the necessities of life & enhancing their learning conditions

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