In 2017-2018, Oummal hosted workshops, launched the Oummal Mutual fund, and in 2019 the UHCON. In 2020, the NSSF adopted our hotline #2424. Since 2021, it has been managing the vaccination call centre, and programming MedLeb.


A network of health actors with monitored channels of communications.

A digitalized basis for the bureaucratic health procedures.

An identified minimum set of common health benefits.

A unified tariff and providers contract.

A ceiling for hospitalization costs.

Middle-term key performance indicators:

Increased number of Oummal beneficiaries per governate

Long-term key performance indicators:

Incorporating all patients benefits and digitalizing them including drugs, laboratory services, rehab services, maternity and pediatric care


Oummal, Patient protection

Documenting and solving patient cases for health-related grievances.

Oummal, UHC-ON Universal Health Coverage National Observatory

The project aims to receive, analyze and solve the patients’ grievances through the hotline #2424 (a low-cost name tag that is easy to memorize), to ensure the auditing of the hospitalization bills and to monitor and report breaches committed by the hospitals or the monitoring doctors to the public guarantors responsible to take appropriate actions

Oummal, Maktoum Vax

The aim of this project is twofold: support stateless people in obtaining documentation and support stateless people, once their documentation has been obtained, to register on the vaccination platform.

Oummal, Maktoum Aid

The project aims to target the Maktoumeen category, to be efficient and helpful in their quest for identity whether on paper by receiving their legal identification and registration documents or on social and psychological grounds.

Involved Projects