In 1989, after the death of their friend by overdose, a group of young men rallied around their other friend who had also spiraled down into the whirlwind of addiction. That was the beginning of a long journey to help people suffering from drug addiction.


Empower beneficiaries to make healthy decisions and live life fully without using or abusing drugs.

Build the capacities of youths, adults, families, professionals, and community members to be active agents of prevention.

Provide all services free of charge.

Oum el Nour, MHPSS

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support service in 2021

Oum el Nour, Forsa Center

Forsa Center, for drug rehabilitation and prevention in Tripoli with the cooperation of Al Manhaj Association


Oum el Nour, Inpatient Rehabilitation

Provide treatment based on the Therapeutic Community model and total abstinence.

Oum el Nour, Outpatient Rehabilitation

Help substance users achieve an autonomous drug-free life

Oum el Nour, Follow-up

Ensure proper social reintegration and prevention from relapse

Oum el Nour, Prevention

Empower individuals with knowledge and skills to make healthy choices in life

Oum el Nour, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Promote psychosocial well-being, offer social support for mental health disorders

Involved Projects

Oum el Nour Prevention

Oum el Nour Prevention: Youth Program Project targets youngsters (12 to 18) through educational institutions.

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