Niemeyer Heritage Foundation Tripoli is an NGO of experts, artists, intellectuals & activists from the Lebanese civil society with a shared vision about how to use arts & architecture to tangibly & sustainably impact society  


- Offer a safe & operational theater to host events & festivals

- Create job opportunities to empower local people & artists

- Offer a heaven for freedom of speech

- Launch a circular economy and reconnect people

- Set an inspiring example to preserve Modern heritage within the MEA

Inaugurate the Theatre with an immersive 

symphonic concert 


- The most impressive PERFORMING ART Stage in the North Region 

- 1250 seat capacity & 300 sqm central circular stage

- Ignite creativity and projects

- Use music to connect minds & hearts

Scientific Comity with Notaries Artists (exclusive license MOT)

 - Institute the Festival 

- Set the artistic program & standard

- Protect the RKIF fare buildings

- Promote the Lebanese artists

- Activate International Networking 



Sustainable & reversible achievement

- Acoustic Correction

- Structural safety study

- Repair and reinforcement of the slabs

- Anti-carbonation White external badigeon

- Climatization and ventilation

- Guard rails

- Safety equipment

- Sanitary equipment

-  Waterproofing of the pool

Supervised by experts In line with UNESCO guidelines

​​​​- 300 sqm circular stage

- Architecture & stage lighting

- 1,250 seats

- 6 main doors

- Floor carpet

- Modular Backstage

Involved Projects