Jinishian Memorial Association was established in 1966 in Lebanon. It is Sustained through an endowment fund by the bequest of Armenian entrepreneur and philanthropist from New York Vartan H. Jinishian, a tribute to his parent's legacy


Alleviate distress among vulnerable families, focusing on widows, elderlies, and individuals with disabilities, by means of targeted relief efforts, while breaking the perpetual cycle of poverty through empowering women and teenagers via community development initiatives

Medical Outreach and engagement

- Annual provision of Medical and Pharmacological services to 10,000 individuals

- Annual engagement of 300 women in health-related awareness sessions.

- Annual distribution of hospital cash assistance to 2000 individuals.

Financial Outreach and engagement

- Annual assistance to 3000 vulnerable families through financial support.

- Bi-monthly allowances are extended to 350 elderly individuals every year.

- Annual enrollment of 60 teenagers into technical schools.


Medical & Pharmacological Services

- Free Medical Consultations

- Cost-Free ECG Evaluations

- Nutritional Expert Advice

- Lab Tests Offered

- Dispensing Chronic Medicines

Empowering through Social Support

- Bi-monthly stipends for Vulnerable Seniors

- Financial Aid for Hospital Admissions

- Family Care Initiatives for At-Risk Households

Fostering Community Growth

- Weekly Awareness Sessions for 300+ Women

- Empowering Young Women with Vocational Training

- Providing Psychosocial Support

- Facilitating Employment Opportunities

- Empowering Disadvantaged Teenagers

Involved Projects