Barbara Nassar, a mom of 2, was told by her oncologist she only had a short life. She fought like a hero, raising awareness & spreading hope: She established “Barbara Nassar Association” just days before she died in Feb 2014


Provide support, promote awareness, enhance wellbeing, ensure access to care, urge government action for better life for cancer patients

Financial Assistance - Medication Donation


Helped 427 cancer patients with 2,550 hospital bills of $440,483

Donated 19,705 cancer medications for the value of $4,549,123

Patient Support Psychosocial & counseling


Provided treatment to patients in 85 hospitals across Lebanon

Offer emotional & moral support

Organized 512 Awareness Prevention seminars 


Financial Support


Provide medications, colostomy kits, wigs, sleeves, prosthesis …




Advocate for Patients, and support them via fundraising and policy change

Patients Support Groups


We support patients by providing guidance, resources, and advice

Awareness Campaigns



Raising awareness through educational activities & community outreach

Psychosocial Support & counseling


Offer emotional and moral support to cancer patients & their families




Engage donors, cultivate support, and motivate immediate actions

Involved Projects