AAA was founded in 2015 by autism parents who volunteered to advocate for the rights of their children and ensure a better future.

In 2018, AAA established the Autism Services Center ASC to offer special classes and therapy sessions for kids and adults with autism.


Advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism in Lebanon

Provide proper education,
Promote autism awareness and inclusion to reduce stigma in the community

Have a large specialized Center for kids and adults with Autism

Have a Network to connect parents and therapists across Lebanon 


Autism Awareness & Inclusion

AAA holds many activities and participates in interviews to promote better understanding, acceptance and inclusion of persons with autism.to promote acceptance and reduce stigma and exclusion.

Autism Services Center

ASC offers daily classes for children and adults with Autism with an individual Educational Program (IEP).

AAA, Parents Guidance (Webinars & Trainings)

AAA offers Free Trainings and Conferences on Autism challenges to parents of children with autism

Autism Awareness

- Webinars and training to more than 500 parents and caregivers

- Light it up blue of ancient monuments for the Autism Awareness Campaign (2016)

- Support Group for around 100 families

ASC Educational Center

- Daily classes for children and adults with Autism

- IEP Individual Educational Program  

- Psychomotor & Speech Therapy

- Yoga relaxation, Sports, Painting

Involved Projects