Association Maak is a Lebanese NGO recognized since 2009. Its success comes down to the vision of P. Victor Assouad, Roger Khairallah and the commitment of a group of volunteers. Maak extends its activities to cover the entire Lebanese territory.


  • Fighting poverty by extending financial resources to individuals
  • Empowering women by providing equal access to microcredit loans
  • Innovation and adaptation by supporting innovative solutions
  • Fighting displacement by helping people remain in their hometowns

To support Maak, Donate 

- you can choose to donate a specific amount (one time or regularly)

- your contribution will be used to sponsor our projects

To support Maak, Lend

- you can choose to lend a specific amount for a period of 3 to 5 years

- at the end of the loan period, you can choose to retrieve these funds or

- allow Maak to continue sponsoring future projects


Microcredit funding

Lending up to USD 5,000 for individuals to launch small to medium businesses or agricultural projects

Involved Projects