TerraPods is an eco-design makerspace, art residency and agroecology farm

TerraPods is growing a 5,000m2 biodiverse food forest, medicine & dye garden, alongside a community kitchen producing seasonal Medicine & Mouneh (naturally preserved food) from the farmstead community, while simultaneously supporting local livelihoods and heritage traditions. The regenerative produce will be sold in the local village and through our community-supported agriculture membership.

Terrapods is located in the rural village of Baskinta, Lebanon. It will be open throughout Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons with the capacity to host workshops, training, residencies, and incubate local eco-design product alternatives.


- Two studios will host long and short-term art residents alongside an annual exhibition.

- Experiment with bio-grown materials and waste as a resource, enhanced with trainings to nurture craft and self-sufficiency.

- Grow, make and then sell bio-products at our EcoSouk Marketplace in Beirut and online.

Required Funds - 150,000$

0$ out of 150,000$

TerraPods, Regenerate our EcoSystems




- Grow a biodiverse food forest, medicine, and dye garden


Your gift of $50 helps us plant native trees, grow our food forest in your name, and contribute to

supplies for the agroecology farm


Total Budget of $25,000


TerraPods, Create a Hub of Innovation, Investing in Green Education



- Build the 150m2 TerraPods learning center, makerspace, community kitchen, and residency  

Equip the facility with materials and supplies


Offering $100 is helping us construct the TerraPods facility with a makerspace, community kitchen, and residency!


We’ll gather to celebrate our opening of the learning center and forage in the garden to dye linen tote bags,

filled with seed packets & grow a native tree planted in your name


Total Budget $45,000 


TerraPods, Bee the Change



- Establish bee hives

- Graze our land with livestock of sheep, goats, chickens

- Build animal shelters


Your contribution of $250 adopts livestock, naming our sheep, goats, chickens, or beehives

We’ll build a shelter for our animals under a native tree planted in your name


Total Budget, $5,000


TerraPods, Harvesting Life: Share Water with Neighboring Farmer 



- Dig a water harvesting pond to store natural spring water

- Set up a solar water pump to share water with neighboring farmers

- Irrigate the land and conserve water


Your generosity of $350 helps us dig a water pond and irrigate the land with a solar pump.


We’ll water the food forest and plant native trees in your name.


We'll fill up our water reservoir and co-share to support

neighboring farmers pumping water to their land!


Total Budget, $15,000


TerraPods, Reviving Ecology Through Arts



- Offer fellowships & scholarships for students, makers, growers & artists in residency

- Host annual exhibits, installations, performances, & supper clubs

- Serve farm-grown meals & CSA harvest basket memberships to the community


A commitment of $500 sponsors fellowships in bio-design makerspace, students, artists in residency, and creates seasonal jobs for local farmers.

We’ll host annual exhibits to celebrate the revival of our ecology through arts & culture.


We’ll weave fiber baskets under a native tree planted in your name, filled with the food forest’s bounty and seasonal mouneh, offering CSA garden memberships to the community


Total Budget $35,000 


TerraPods, Grow-Make-Sell! Stock the Shelves of Self-Sustainability



- Expand the EcoSouk concept store at Terrapods with farm-grown bulk, refillable, package-free products

- We’ll design in-house product lines in food, apothecary, lifestyle, and bio-packaging to sell at EcoSouk 

- R&D in bio-grown alternatives with mushroom, seaweed & vegetable waste.


With each $1,000 contribution, you’ll power a circular economy and create jobs for local farmers, food producers, bio-engineers & makers while increasing the community’s access to alternatives and restoring our ecology.


We’ll open the EcoSouk at TerraPods and design reusable parcel packaging with a featured announcement in your name.  

We’ll plant a native tree in our bio-grown material garden in your name. 

Total Budget $25,000



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Recycle Lebanon

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